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Preview Getting the most out of this course. Worksheets to Download. What is the Pentatonic Scale?

Minor Pentatonic Shape 5. Minor Pentatonic Shape 4. Minor Pentatonic Shape 3. Minor Pentatonic Shape 2. Minor Pentatonic Shape 1. Introduction to the Major Pentatonic Scale.

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Major Pentatonic Shape 5. Major Pentatonic Shape 4.

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Major Pentatonic Shape 3. Major Pentatonic Shape 2. Major Pentatonic Shape 1. Practice Worksheets. How it is All Connected.

Learn Bass - What is the Major Scale?

The Relative Minor-Tip! Exercise 1. Exercise 2.

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Pentatonic Jam 1. Pentatonic Jam 2. Final Thoughts.

See more information and hear sample tracks on this page. Our Bass Modes Backing Tracks album contains tracks that allow you to experiment with modal scales. Modal scales are scales derived from the major scale, with each one having its own individual sound.

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Our backing tracks will help you learn and master modes on your bass guitar. One big difference in how most guitarists and players of non-fretted instruments learn scales is that guitarists learn scales in shapes, or patterns , rather than by learning the actual sequence of notes contained in each scale.

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Patterns show where the notes fall on the bass neck in relation to each other. This way, a single pattern can be used to play the scale at any fretboard position, and therefore in any key. Bass guitarists learn and use multiple scale patterns for each scale. This allows them to play the scale at a convenient fretboard position. If, for example, you only knew how to play a minor pentatonic scale using pattern no. If you also knew how to play the pentatonic minor scale using pattern no. If you knew multiple pentatonic minor patterns then you could extend the scale to incorporate all of the fretboard.

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By changing fretboard position while playing you could create fluid bass lines that went wherever your creative urge took them! Scale patterns do, however, show the root, or tonic, note of the scale. On the bass scales chart above the root notes are depicted as the white circles. Therefore, in order to play a C major scale, you would play any of the major scale patterns shown above with the root note positioned at C note on the bass fretboard.

This means that, although learning scale patterns is the simplest way of learning scales on a bass guitar, you still have to know the notes on the fretboard. Play the scale by positioning your hand so that the root note of the scale is positioned over the desired note on the bass fretboard i. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.